Goldman to launch Web based SDP for Corporate Bonds- this month!

Goldman Sachs just announcing here and here and here, that it plans to launch by end-May or even as early as next week a single-dealer electronic corporate and high-yield bond trading platform called GSessions.

The platform (which has been in development for the past year) will look to cross trades for its customers in scheduled trading sessions through the day and promises to deliver narrower spreads than those available outside the network, according to a spokesman.

Goldman would also back the platform with a guaranteed liquidity amount in order to step in, up to a certain amount, to correct supply demand imbalances.

Goldman plans to act as the counterparty for the trades.

I am sure more will become clear by next week.

29 May update:

GSessions now delayed due to “logistics issues”, according to GS sources. FT has story here:

Glitches halt new Goldman trade platform


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