Caplin & BT Global Services – Collaborative integration at TradeTech

A busy and exciting week for Caplin, as yesterday we exhibited a rapid integration project with BT Global Services at the TradeTech Europe event, where BT were lead Sponsor of the TradeTech event.

In a demonstration of the power and value of Caplin’s integration platform, it took one of our developers ‘only a few days’ to integrate the cloud based BT’s Unified Trading API into the Caplin Xaqua platform and deliver seamless integration of customer inbound voice calls with Sales Trading functionality (trading on behalf of) within Caplin’s HTML client framework CaplinTrader.

As we know, SingleDealerPlatforms (SDP), are becoming a primary ‘relationship’ channel through which banks communicate with, and deliver execution and risk management capabilities directly to their clients, across the trade life cycle.

In the transition from voice to electronic trading, the role of the sales trader changes, as they move up the value chain, from ‘just’ delivering pricing and ‘simple execution’ to a more valuable role of delivering added value expertise and risk management advice, and helping clients manage more complex trades.

In order to quickly respond to and service in-bound client calls, sales traders need to have all the information relevant to that client’s risk positions at their fingertips when a customer calls. This means trade history, open positions, relationship spread pricing, so they can quickly demonstrate their understanding of their client’s needs and current and historical positions.

Here is a brief video demonstration of the integration (with voice overview of explanation)

The integration with BT’s Unified Trading demonstrated in-bound client calls, appearing on the BT iTrader application, which was integrated within CaplinTrader. When the call was picked up, all pricing and trade history within the Sales Trader application changed to reflect the pricing and history relevant to the client who was calling, allowing the sales Trader to immediately quote their client.

Watch this space for more on Caplin-BT collaboration

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