Profit & Loss 2012 Digital Awards

Following yesterday’s ‘live post’ from the Profit & Loss Forex London, below is the list of winners of  The Profit & Loss 2012 Digital FX “Eye on the Client” Awards, which were announced at a dinner following the show.

A number of Caplin’s clients won awards last night for their SDPs, including BarCap, Citi, RBS and Nomura – well done!

It’s worth reviewing the awards which are shown below together with the EuroMoney FX volume and rankings, as they shed some interesting light on the dynamic “churn” in the market.

  • Top ten global bank FX market share constant at just under 80% since 2008
  • Deutsche Bank has been the #1 FX flow monster for seven years now
  • Top three banks (Deutsche, BarCap and UBS), combined market share fall from 47% to 37% since 2008
  • Banks 4-10 have seen their market share rise from 30% to 40% over the same period

We are seeing a rotation of market share: Flow monsters continue to dominate the rankings, and are investing huge amounts in their platforms. yet in the case of Deutsche and UBS, they have been unable to maintain their share of the market.

Bank’s are upping their game: Global bank’s in the lower part of the table, are all ‘upping their game’, investing in new SDPs, and eroding the market share of the top flow banks. This is being reflected in greater attention to design and UX of their SDPs and as the awards below show, these efforts are paying off. More coverage on rankings and churn here and here

EuroMoney FX Ranking, showing Pct change in FX market share over 3 year period (2008-11)

Best Platform – Barclays Capital
Best FX Platform – Citi
2012 Profit & Loss Innovation Award – The Royal Bank of Scotland
Best FX Options Platform – Mercury: Bank of America Merrill Lynch
2012 Editor’s Choice Award – Credit Suisse
P&L’s One to Watch in 2012 – Deutsche Bank
Best Mobile Platform – JP Morgan
Best Rates Platform – Barclays Capital
Best Commodities Platform – Goldman Sachs
2012 Product of the Year – Credit Suisse

Client Segment Awards
Best Banks Platform – Goldman Sachs
Best Corporate Platform – Citi
Best Real Money Platform – UBS
Best Leveraged Sector Platform – Deutsche Bank
Best Traders’ Platform – Nomura
Best Retail Platform – Citi FXPro
Best Emerging Markets – Barclays Capital

2012 Post Trade Award – UBS
Best Execution – JP Morgan
Best Execution Functionality – Nomura
Best Order Management – The Royal Bank of Scotland
Best Research Portal – BNP Paribas
Best FX Prime Brokerage – Morgan Stanley
Best Structured Products Platform – Barclays Capital
Best Navigation – Lloyds Bank

Further coverage here

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