Deutsche on ‘exceeding’ corporate customer expectations in a ‘Facebook world’

Just found this interesting presentation from Colin Digby (now Dir, FX at BarCap), from when he was Head of Treasury Solutions, Deutsche (it’s from late 2010, but highly relevant).

The challenges banks face in upgrading commercial bank portals to meet (let alone exceed) corporate customer expectations in a Facebook World.

Table above showing average IT spend as Pct of revenue of the top 5 commercial banks compared to the likes Amazon, Google and Yahoo.

What are the takeaways? Focus on the user, offer personalization, collaboration, intuitive navigation, real-time ‘everything’ transactions, strong pre and post trade offerings, and access to liquidity on demand.

For Deutsche Bank, this is the focus for their new Autobahn Apps

Presentation here

Could US Treasury re-think exemption FX Fwds and Swaps from Dodd Frank?

FX Week has a story that US Treasury Officials ‘could’ be reviewing the exemption status for FX Fwds and Swaps from Dodd Frank.

The story plays on the fact that it’s now been a year (29 Apr 2011, we covered it here) since the US Treasury issued its proposed determination to exempt FX Fwds and Swaps from mandatory trading and clearing. The concern in some quarters being that the longer the Treasury takes to confirm that exemption, the greater the chances that the position could be reviewed and possibly reversed.

“We have issued a proposed determination and are carefully reviewing the comments received, but have not made any final decisions,” says Anthony Cooley, deputy assistant secretary for public affairs at the Treasury.

My View: Of course this could be case, although it could also be that the sheer weight of rules still to be finalised, means that they simply haven’t managed to re-focus on FX exemption (yet).

Full story here

Boston Consulting Group – research on eFX (advantages of scale)

Some interesting diagrams and conclusions from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) research into the scale advantages in eFX, and impact of regulation.

The report states that:

For flow providers, electronic trading will continue to play a major role, since scale needs high volumes and low costs.

While electronic-trading volume drives negligible scale in revenue, it drives significant scale in costs.

Personal View:

I wouldn’t agree that ‘electronic-trading volume drives negligible scale in revenue’. For the top Continue reading

What will happen to single dealer platforms in a centrally cleared world?

A couple of years ago, some forecasters interpreted the G20 announcement about new regulation in the OTC markets, and the regulation that followed, as signalling the end of the line for single-dealer platforms.

Instead, as Dodd Frank and MiFID II loom, almost every tier-1 bank has been investing more heavily than ever in its SDP program. Spending in this area has grown strongly among tier-2 banks as well.


I have tried to answer this question in a new white paper: Single Dealer Platforms in a Cleared World. Download here if you’re interested.

Caplin & BT Global Services – Collaborative integration at TradeTech

A busy and exciting week for Caplin, as yesterday we exhibited a rapid integration project with BT Global Services at the TradeTech Europe event, where BT were lead Sponsor of the TradeTech event.

In a demonstration of the power and value of Caplin’s integration platform, it took one of our developers ‘only a few days’ to integrate the cloud based BT’s Unified Trading API into the Caplin Xaqua platform and deliver seamless integration of customer inbound voice calls with Sales Trading functionality (trading on behalf of) within Caplin’s HTML client framework CaplinTrader.

As we know, Continue reading

BarCap topples the ‘Mighty’ Deutsche from top FX position in Greenwich Survey.

Latest research from Greenwich Associates, shows BarCap has toppled the mighty Deutsche Bank to take top position in terms of market share.

The ranking is shown here: Continue reading

Profit & Loss 2012 Digital Awards

Following yesterday’s ‘live post’ from the Profit & Loss Forex London, below is the list of winners of  The Profit & Loss 2012 Digital FX “Eye on the Client” Awards, which were announced at a dinner following the show. Continue reading