Social Media in Financial Services – update

Following Scott Mcleod’s excellent post on Social media regulation in financial services, I noticed the following post (thanks to James Wimbury of GreySpark, for bringing this article to my attention) regarding Deutsche Bank ‘sanctioning Twitter use’ by their top equity analyst.

Ted Tobiason, Deutsche Bank’s head of equity capital markets for the technology industry, is doing something that would get most investment bankers fired: tweeting about work. He’s the only investment banker authorized by the German firm to have a business-related Twitter account.

Tobiason’s tweeting is not off-the-cuff: He can’t write about share offerings Deutsche Bank underwrites, he must clear his tweets through the firm’s communications department, and the bank has software that records his posts

But, it’s a move in the right direction!

full story here

Follow him at @TedTobiasonDB

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