iPad 3 – A tablet a day keeps the technologist at bay!

Apple have announced that they will unveil the new iPad 3 on March 7th in San Francisco under the theme “We have something you really have to see. And Touch”. Reports The Loop

With Apple’s stock market value toppling the $500 billion mark, apparently being worth more than Poland (CNN) and its stock once at $3.19 now at $500 for the first time (BBC News) it would seem the world will once again be all eyes and ears as Apple gears up to launch their newest version of the world’s most successful tablet.

What will this mean for financial services? Probably not a great deal, most banks are slowly coming around to the idea that mobile is something that cannot be ignored, the visionaries probably have something brewing, if not already released and those looking to retain market share are probably in a silent panic if this is an avenue they have not yet explored.

From a retail banking perspective there have been a number of announcements from Barclays and their Pingit app to RBS’ banking app and retail trading has been on this bandwagon for a while owning far more technologically rich platforms that are “mobile ready” then their sell side competitors. From an Institutional perspective I see a storm brewing on the horizon!

In any event, I look forward to hearing what changes they have made/held back on from the iPad2. Replacing the slick pitch delivered by the late Mr Jobs against the infamous darkly lit stage with a few videos to hand, TNW report that this launch will see the team of Phil Schiller, Scott Forstall and his successor CEO Tim Cook take to the stage to introduce the world to Jobs’ third version of the tablet device.

No pressure then!

I’ll keep you posted https://twitter.com/#!/Tannetta

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