And another single dealer platform launch: Commerzbank’s Commander

Bank’s just keep rolling em out!

Today’s Single Dealer Platform launch comes courtesy of Commerzbank (on FinExtra), with their Commander platform.

Built on the foundations of the existing Click&Trade FX platform.

Paul Scott, Head of eFX Trading at C&M added: “This is just phase one for the Commander platform. Technological investment is increasingly important in the eFX world, and we will continue to develop our platform by remaining in tune with our clients

Commander’s new features include:

• An expanded product range – Commander will stream NDFs and clients can trade gold.

• Positions blotter – Providing clients, particularly those in the emerging markets, with a highly customisable position-keeping tool to monitor and control profit & loss in real-time, both team and individual views are available, providing traders with very detailed risk analysis reports.

• Real-time charting tools – Giving greater functionality to clients, with access to a comprehensive historical and real-time overview for a full market picture.

Commerzbank recently integrated SmartTrade to improve their Liquidity Aggregation and pricing capabilities.

The Commander Platform is a Java Swing installed client, like the current Click&Trade platform.

Will try to find out more, including screen shots and whether the front end has changed much.

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