Bloomberg gets UX makeover with Bloomberg NEXT

Mike Bloomberg established Bloomberg LP in 1981, and has spent the past 30yrs adding value to the Bloomberg Professional, which has become the traders ‘terminal of choice’.

However, it’s now undergoing a major UX makeover.

Over the past three years, and with a 20 strong UX design team, Bloomberg has been hard at work. Focusing on user behaviour – examining and testing ‘actual users’ in the Bloomberg UX Lab, with one way glass recording key strokes, and screen interaction (like mice in a lab?).

Being UX driven, it’s not surprising that the enhancements focus on making it easier and quicker for users to find what they need, and they include:

  • Better discoverability
  • More uniformity
  • Intuitive workflows

The result which will be released today will be the Bloomberg NEXT terminal. According to the report, more than 100,000 clients have already converted to Bloomberg NEXT!

Full coverage here, here and here, and here and here

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