Peer group recognition of Caplin’s UX design process

Regular readers to this blog will know that at Caplin we place great emphasis on the UX discovery and design process in the delivery of the vision for a successful single dealer platform project.

Last night Caplin’s UX Practice held open house to some 50 UX designers working at other design houses, and a few who work in UX design at banks. Duncan, who head’s up our UX Practice, ‘walked them through’ our UX design and delivery process.

Here are a few of the comments made:

“I was very impressed with the level of design maturity demonstrated by the Caplin UX team and felt that their knowledge of Agile UX methodology was amongst the strongest I’ve seen in any UK company.”
Andy Budd – Clearleft 

“It was great to see nice narrative approaches to user journeys”
Jason Mesut – RMA Consulting

“It was really encouraging to see how much UX is a part of your whole approach. If you’ve found something that works and your team and client are happy, what more could you ask for?”
Martyn Jones – Mind Candy

Full coverage of the event is available on Caplin’s technical blog Platformability.

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