StateStreet eExchange business launches SwapEx (SEF)

StateStreet Corporation, owners of Currenex, FXConnect and GovEx, which they manage under the umbrella of the StateStreet Global Markets eExchange Suite of trading solutions has today announced the launch of their SwapEx (SEF platform).

The platform which will leverage the existing technology platforms in their portfolio, will include:

  • Advanced technology and processing speed leveraging the Currenex, FX Connect and GovEx execution platforms
  • Automated post-trade capabilities, leveraging State Street’s existing infrastructure
  • Multiple execution styles to accommodate each client’s preferred method of execution: a central limit-order book, request-for-quote, both fully disclosed and anonymous, indications of interest and auction capabilities
  • Portfolio compression available through request-for-quote and indication of interest execution styles that allow for the ‘tear up’ of positions
  • Multi-asset class capabilities, including swaps, treasuries and futures utilizing State Street’s platforms as well as third-party platforms such as Eris Exchange

Coverage here and here

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