The year of HTML5… now available

A few weeks ago I predicted that 2012 will be the year in which the HTML5 tidal wave will hit, and promised a white paper on why this is now an inevitability.

It wasn’t until I came to actually write it that I realised what a mountain of supporting information there is. But I managed to cram it all in, and the paper is now available here.

All feedback welcome.

3 Responses

  1. […] The business may sometimes feel that decisions made regarding which front-end technology to use, are not always made based on what is best for end users, or performance, but may perhaps be made based on current internal skills in older technologies (background on this question is covered here in a white paper) […]

  2. […] that the world is moving to HTML5, an interesting question to ask, is whether Flex (being a plug-in technology) would be selected […]

  3. […] we’ve frequently noted in this blog, the world of trading GUIs is moving decisively to HTML5, for all except a few niche […]

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