Credit Suisse upgrades USTs platform ONYX to 2way executable streaming rates

Credit Suisse recently upgraded their single dealer platform suite of client offerings under the new umbrella name of Credit Suisse PLUS, covering: execution (including PrimeTrade, AEX, Merlin and Onyx), analytics and research tools.

This latest upgrade delivers 2way executable streaming USTs to their Onyx platform here.

Onyx Streaming is a dynamic new tool for traders looking for quick, decisive transactions. With Streaming, clients choose from a range of maturities, enter a size, and instantaneously see an executable two-sided market over Credit Suisse’s award-wining PrimeTrade platform.

It’s not clear whether this upgrade will support one click execution with “no last look”, or if traders can reject trades due to extended latency and slippage.

Support for ‘no last look’, requires a robust and highly optimised pricing engine, and the ability to continually measure and react to changes in round trip latency to individual client desktop/browsers, in order to (at the client side) turn on/off ‘no last look’ functionality – which is what BARX FI implemented for swaps, which they call “Turbo Deal” for fast markets. (Barx FI is built using Caplin’s SDP and HTML5 framework).

Either way, it’s good to see another bank upgrading from RFQ and moving to executable streaming.

Onyx is also available for iPad but view only, no trading here

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