CitiVelocity 2.0 (Excellent UX design)

Earlier this week, in optimising single dealer platforms, I made reference to the latest version of Citi’s hugely successful  CitiVelocity 2.0 platform, which is built on Caplin’s technology.

Below is a screen shot of the platform, taken from FX-MM. It’s really elegant, with a clear compact design.

According to Anil Prasad, Citi’s Global Head of Foreign Exchange, Velocity2.0 is designed for Citi’s wholesale and institutional clients, and will be available to 100,000 Citi clients.

It looks great, and is clearly packed with business functionality, and is capable of delivering deep liquidity, with minimal latency, on a truly massive scale.

CitiVelocity 2.0 (showing FX options strategies and analytics)
A definite winner!

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