Is Considering UX Design Revolutionary?

I have been involved in a number of projects with our UX team recently & have been pleasantly surprised at the insights that they produce.

In one case the bank had already built a substantial list of requirements. We began our engagement, as we always do, with UX research – and the team not only indentified a bunch of end-user requirements that were about the way *they* preferred the interaction but also recommended several unique pieces of functionality which the end-users would really value – likely to make the resulting single-dealer platform (1) unique for the bank, (2) more useful and therefore (3) more likely to retain the bank’s customers.

Not only that, but by building a design for the user interaction before starting to write code, the whole development process was massively accelerated.

Only a handful of years ago few people had heard of user experience design, today it’s become the essential first step in building a new web trading application. Putting the users’ needs first – now that IS a revolution.

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