10 years on Microsoft celebrate the death of IE6

10 years ago, a browser was born

IE6 was the most widely used web browser during its tenure, surpassing Internet Explorer 5.x. In 2002 and 2003, IE6 had a total market share of nearly 90%. goodbyeIE6Widely reported to be plagued with security problems, there have been for some time widespread frustrations from those in IT who have to support it. In 2010, a Downing Street petition called for the UK government to stop using IE6 and to upgrade to a newer browser.

These days, Microsoft is celebrating the demise of IE6 (with cake!) By December 2011 (as shown by the Internet Explorer Countdown page) IE6 was used by less than 1% of US internet surfers.

HTML5 shares the cake

While developers will join Microsoft in celebrating the demise of IE6 and an end to the days of supporting the outdated browser, the announcement (as the cake clearly shows) is as much a celebration of HTML5 and the drive to use HTML5-compliant browsers such as IE9 (as well as the increasingly popular Chrome).

Single-dealer platforms & HTML5

The demise of outdated browser technology such as IE6 and the rise of HTML5 has not gone unnoticed by banks who are now looking upon HTML5 as their strategic Web app technology for building single-dealer platforms.

For more information on HTML5 and single-dealer platforms, read Paul Caplin’s The HTML5 Juggernaut.

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