“FIX Protocol” FPL Spain Briefing, Madrid (29th November 2011)

From the day I booked this event I was looking forward to hearing the panellist’s views and opinions; I was particularly looking forward to the session about how emerging electronic trading trends are impacting the Spanish trading community. I wasn’t disappointed. The speakers were in full swing talking about algorithmic trading practices, the evolution of high frequency trading and the implications for the Spanish investor community.

Although high-frequency trading isn’t where Caplin focuses, the five highly talented speakers contributed their views and much of the resulting picture aligns very well with Caplin’s perspective. Overall the trading environment continues to fragment and Caplin’s technology and services can definitely assist in e-trading consolidation.

The FIX Protocol is widely used for equities and almost all the delegates who participated at the event were equity-focused.

The event provided a great environment for me since Caplin’s single-dealer platform technology can cover cash equities (as well as many other asset classes) by delivering information and trading services via the Web to corporates, institutional clients, retail clients, and also between internal Dealing Desks and Branch Networks.

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