Focus on UX: FX sales traders have all the fun!

Following on from work to expose the metrics available in the Xaqua platform by Scott we have started to consider the design opportunities to enhance sales trader user experience (UX).

Here we give sales traders visibility of the quoting activity of a client vs the sector, combined with other client specific information into an FX sales trader dashboard UI.

This design provides sales traders with:

  • easy access to valuable client information
  • additional channels for sales/client interaction via social media
  • a ‘smart watchlist’ view of clients regularly quoted FX pairs.

Feedback from sales indicates this design increases both trade flow and client/trader satisfaction.

5 Responses

  1. I just know if I showed this to anyone trading FX, there response would be: “5 pips wide in EURUSD?!?!?!”

    • Hi Keith,

      Your right, and as we used to say, you could drive a bus through that spread. I am however, sure that in most cases, live rates would be tight (as indeed they are) for your platform!

      However, what we are highlighting here, is that for this particular client (George Tunn, of Blueway Transport), the Sales trader can see that the personal ‘hit rate’, for executions as pct of quotes is 74% – although not as high as the sector average at 82%. So, it seems that George Tunn, is happy with the service he receives from his bank, although does reject slightly more trades than other clients.

      Best regards


  2. […] also worth noting that persona’s for an SDP are not only external clients. Internal Sales Traders increasingly use the same platform as their end-user clients, to trade on behalf of those clients. […]

  3. Everyone would benefit from readnig this post

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