TABB Group, SEF Barometer survey – being re-run

Given that the SEF regulations are now ‘as clear as mud‘, the TABB Group are cleverly re-running their SEF Barometer survey , and will be marketing the results.

With the comment period behind us and final rules only a few months away, the definition of Swap Execution Facility (SEF) is still unclear and the market impact of proposed rules still uncertain. TABB Group created a series of questioned designed to gauge the  industry’s view on several key SEF related issues; who will be the winners and losers, how will liquidity be impacted and what will the market look like when the dust has settled.

I am sure that both the CFTC and SEC have reserved their copies.

In terms of winners and losers, I am still of the opinion that Bank Single Dealer Platforms will be winners in terms of being the conduit/channel through which clients will route orders through to SEFs as confirmed the results our own SEF survey.

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