Native apps are a remnant of the Jurassic period of computer history

Last week I read a great article from Scott Jenson ‘Mobile Apps Must Die‘ on his blog: Beyond Mobile.

This article resurfaced around Caplin this week with the frenzy of activity around our ‘Mobile Hackathon‘, and office banter around mobile apps vs web apps cranked up a level.

The article highlights the problem of ‘siloed functionality’ one accepts during the initial excitement of finding ‘There’s an app for that‘.

To the unsustainable situation where installing, managing and maintaing ‘an app for everything under the sun – across multiple devices‘ becomes such a pain for users, that a rethink of native apps is needed.

(Image from Shiny Shiny TV)

A future of ‘just-in-time’ interactions driven by the discoverability and adaptability of smart devices and cloud services based on location/context offers an exciting prospect of serendipitous encounters…

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