RIM decline accelerates

I’ve been predicting for the last couple of years that the new generation of smartphones (iPhone, Android) would eat the BlackBerry’s lunch in the corporate market.

Over the last twelve months, RIM’s marketing department has been spinning like crazy to try to dispel this impression. As recently as February, The Telegraph  ran a very upbeat article about the BlackBerry’s “impressive new sales figures”.

But all to no avail. RIM today announced that it will cut 2000 jobs (11% of its workforce), with quarterly results worse even than its gloomy forecast. Its share price has halved since January.

One thing everyone seems to agree on: the BlackBerry’s accidental youth phenomenon could be the answer, now that BBM has become the messaging platform of choice for a new generation. Let’s hope for its sake that RIM is agile enough to make the most of this unexpected opportunity.

Made me go back and re-read a couple of interesting articles I recently blogged about, highlighting the contrast between RIM’s and Apple’s cultures.

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