Devin Wenig, CEO of Reuters Markets Division, leaves the company

More changes at the top for Thompson Reuters.

Devin Wenig, CEO of Reuters Markets Division has resigned from Reuters.

He is leaving less than a month after the appointment of Shanker Ramamurthy was joined on 20th June as President of Sales and Trading, Markets division and was for a whole month reporting to Devin.

Tom Glocer, CEO of Reuters will assume Devin’s responsibilities.

The Markets division’s current organizational structure (Sales & Trading, Investment & Advisory, Enterprise and Media) will be combined into three units:

  • Financial Professionals & Marketplaces: Focusing on services for professionals delivered to screens and trading marketplaces, combining the former Sales & Trading and Investment & Advisory businesses
  • Enterprise Solutions: Focusing on services and infrastructure for financial firms as a whole, continuing and expanding the current Enterprise unit
  • Media: Providing news and information tailored for media and business professionals

The official Reuters Press Release talks of streamlining divisions.

The FT puts a different slant on the story (click on story directly from Google search), with talk of delays and slow take up of the new web trading platform Eikon.

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