Poll results confirm, Single Dealer Platforms best positioned to provide SEF routing capabilities

We have been running a poll asking whether Single Dealer Platforms should provide routing through to SEFs.

The results are shown below, and not unsurprisingly the majority of voters thought that SDPs should provide an aggregated view of SEF liquidity, and order routing capabilities.

Our survey echos the findings of a similar poll carried out during live Webcast last week on Regulation and OTC e-commerce: Future-proofing your systems (may require password), with some 80% of voters suggesting that Single Dealer Platforms will become more important rather than less important as new trading regulations unfold. Actual webcast available here

3 Responses

  1. […] Caplin, our consistent view has been that under new SEF regulations, Single Dealer Platforms (SDPs) will continue to play a vital role as the ‘relationship’ channel …, through which banks provide clients with access to a whole suite of value added services such as […]

  2. […] increasing number of savvy banks are concuring with our long held position, and with the results of our SEF survey that Single Dealer Platforms are should provide Algorithmic SEF aggregation, to enable clients to […]

  3. […] being the conduit/channel through which clients will route orders through to SEFs as confirmed the results our own SEF survey. Share this:EmailDiggStumbleUponTwitterRedditFacebookPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

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