AFME Buyside Fixed Income Surveys

The Association For Financial Markets Europe AFME (the old SIFMA), produce what is becoming a good benchmark annual survey of etrading trends in the European Fixed Income Markets.

The 6th Annual survey was released in February  and I have been meaning to blog about it for ages, but never found the time!

The survey is excellent, and includes buyside, sellside and vendors and examines the factors and motivations that affect decisions to trade electronically across various fixed income products, and the impact of etrading on bank – client relationships. Certainly worth going through the slides.

The the survey was carried out last year, before much of the detail on Dodd Frank was known, so it will be interesting to see how the impact of Dodd Frank regulations affects future surveys.

Charts below show the top factors for BuySide in deciding to:

Trading electronically: Speed of Execution, Price Transparency
Trade by voice: Ticket Size, Liquidity

Previous years surveys are also available

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