Deutsche considered registering Autobahn as a SEF (they should have read our blog!)

Very interesting story in Risk.Net today about high level internal discussions at Deutsche Bank last year with regard to whether the bank should register AutoBahn as a SEF and invite other banks to post prices on the platform.

Rhom Ram, head of Autobahn at the bank in London, said:

“We looked at it pretty closely, but couldn’t see how it would be an attractive proposition on its own because the end result would look like Tradeweb. The reason people choose Autobahn is because Deutsche is standing behind it,” he says.

“We’re discussing internally how to be the aggregator. We’re trying to find a way to make it easy to execute across cash, futures and OTC as a way to separate ourselves from the SEFs,” he says.

(sorry, but full story may be password protected)

Again this highlights Caplin’s consistent view that Single Dealer Platform are the ideal route to SEFs

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