Reuters launches hosted FX Aggregation service (using Aegisoft)

Following the acquisition last year of Aegisoft, Reuters has now released a hosted FX liquidity aggregation and algorithmic execution enhancement capability for FX.

A welcome addition to the Reuters RET product suite.

It will be interesting to see to what extent Reuters ‘opens this up’, and makes these API’s available to third parties, in order that they can develop more customised RIA front end solutions for banks, that connect to the enhanced hosted RET back end, and deliver greater levels of service to the bank’s customers.

By making these API’s available, banks could leverage the hosted RET infrastructure, and create more highly differentiated client facing solutions, that combine enhanced FX pricing together with additional content from within the bank, such as proprietary research, cross asset trading capabilities, and rich post trade services.

Seems a win win to me!

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  1. […] days after Reuters announced the release of a hosted CEP aggregation service for FX, they follow that up today by announcing they have integrated StreamBase into their new Elektron […]

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