EuroMoney 2011 FX Poll results out!

EuroMoney 2011 FX polls results released.

Site very busy at moment, and may not respond.

Analysis to follow later, but here are the key headlines:

#1: Deutsche Bank (for the millionth year – well 7th year actually)
#2: Barclays Capital (up from 3rd place last year)
#3: UBS (down from 2nd place last year)

You can compare with last years EuroMoney 2010 poll.

All top 3 banks saw market share fall, with Deutsche seeing largest drop of any bank in the top 20 (confirming my comments last week regarding Deutsche’s decision to sell dbFX, to focus on their core franchise).

Share of the top 3 banks continues to fall, down to 37% from 47% in 2009.

As commented last year, the regional banks are fighting back, and having enhanced their own etrading capabilities to defend their existing client franchise, are now winning share back from the top banks!

If you can’t access the poll, here is WSJ coverage

More to follow later.

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