RBC to roll out decimalisation on FX Direct (single dealer platform)

Login required. RBC Capital Markets plans to launch decimalised pricing in the second half of the year on its single-dealer platform, FX Direct, bringing it into line with banks including Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Citi and Barclays Capital. Click here for the full story.

How is the buy-side actually using iPads?

Great interview here with Bart McDonough of Agio Technology.

Agio recently conducted a 2-month survey of hedge fund managers across the US to find out how they actually use iPads. The result:

  • the iPad was universally considered to be an effective laptop replacement when travelling
  • one of the top uses was for keeping track of news and research
  • many traders used them in remote desktop mode to access their OMS screen

The last one is particularly interesting. We’ve heard a lot of debate recently among banks about extending SDPs to iPads and how they would actually be used. It’s nice to see some real data.

Conclusions from the Profit & Loss Conference in Singapore

Last week I attended the Profit & Loss Conference in Singapore. No matter how frequent my visits, there always are new buildings in the downtown area. The latest BIS survey shows that Singapore has grown to be the fourth biggest FX trading centre globally and my guess is it will become even bigger.

The agenda had a few sessions on the forthcoming regulation changes in the US & Europe, so no surprise there. The keynote address on the first day from the Chairman of the Singapore FX Market Committee was interesting, not least because of his comment that whilst aware of the changes happening elsewhere, the local authorities would ensure that any regulatory changes here would be for the benefit of Singapore as a financial centre. I wonder whether this implies that the goals of Dodd Frank & MiFID II will be muted when applied to the local markets, in spite of the original G20 recommendations.

Also had a pleasant time discussing the role of social media in FX with Jon Vollemaere. I think “growing” is the verb to use. Continue reading

eCommerce Research survey – breakfast launch

Earlier today in the elegant surroundings of Rhodes 24 on the 24th floor of Tower42, Caplin and Lepus presented the findings of a survey into eCommerce in the Capital Markets.

The survey was sponsored by Caplin and conducted by Lepus at the end of last year. 30 major US, European and Asian banks took part, and typically the respondents were heads of IT or heads of eCommerce. The survey was supplemented by some in-depth one-on-one interviews.

The survey investigated the implementation of single-dealer platforms (SDPs), the reasons behind that, and whether trading volume really is moving to SDPs from multi-dealer platforms. If you’d like your own copy contact us via the Caplin website.

Continue reading

2 minutes with Duncan Brown: Caplin’s Head of UX

Duncan comments on how good user experience design is crucial to creating compelling e-trading services within a single-dealer platform. Click here for the full post.

e-Forex feature: Shifting demand for single-dealer platforms. By Sang Lee

Sang Lee (managing partner of Aite Group) highlights a major shift occurring in market demand for single- dealer platforms driven by various customer segments need for asset class diversification and banks seeking to fully support the demands of their customers.

e-Forex users, click here for the full article. For a free trial to e-Forex, click here.

e-Forex feature: Single-dealer platforms: staying ahead in the FX game

Ten years after the arrival of electronic FX, banks are continuing to invest in their single-dealer platforms which have been enjoying a resurgence of late. According to Paul Caplin, chief executive of Caplin Systems, a provider of e-commerce technology for use in single-dealer platforms, there are numerous factors driving clients to single-dealer FX platforms.

Nicholas Pratt examines why the value proposition of these single-dealer platforms continues to strengthen for many trading firms and FX buy-side participants.

e-Forex users, click here for the full article. For a free trial to e-Forex, click here.