Single-dealer platforms – the “social network” for investment banks?social network

Interesting article in Financial Services  Technology where Rule Financial’s Graeme Harker comments on single-dealer platforms:

“From the trader’s perspective, these next generation SDPs allow the bank’s customers to “friend” trade advisors, seek advice and view market insight about trading opportunities. These features help investors identify not just the best price, but also the most profitable investment opportunities. And just as the iPhone was a game-changer in the mobile market largely because of its superior user interface design, the aforementioned US investment bank believes that its SDP platform will prove to be a game changer in capital markets for the same reason. How has this become possible? Technology has played a pivotal role. Unlike almost all systems that have gone before, the new single dealer plaforms are being built using a truly user-centric approach using Rich Internet Application (RIA) Technology.”

Please click here for the full article.

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  1. Not really understanding why that article says “a leading US investment bank” and “aforementioned US investment bank” rather than name the name they are talking about. The are talking about Matrix right? I guess because it was produced by a competitor Lab49 rather than Rule?

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