Mobile prototyping made easy.

Many banks are considering adding mobile services to their Single Dealer Platforms – and most are having the same sort of technology debates on the merits of Android, RMI, IOS and WP7. Few have launched mobile trading platforms in the institutional or corporate spaces, perhaps due to compliance concerns, ROI worries and budgetary restrictions.

But talks are intensifying, budgets are under review and early adopters like Citi, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse have recently launched institutional offerings. Over the last couple of weeks many banks have asked us about launching mobile app prototypes.

One great thing that helps Caplin with mobile projects is the decoupling between client side and server-side technology. If you’re a Caplin customer, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve written your trading application in .Net, Java, Flex, Silverlight or C/C++, you can take our iPhone app from the from the app store, point it to your existing Liberator URL, and voila; there’s your own data on the iPhone for your sales guys to show off, no client-side or server-side coding required.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for brining this useful information to our knowledge. I, in reality enjoyed every little thing that you created. Visit for fun and entertainment.

  2. Hi Mike

    How do you point it at an existing liberator?

    thanks, Declan

    • Hi Declan,

      There’s a configuration file within the app that contains the URL. We don’t have a GUI for the configuration file at the moment, so you’ll need an iPhone dev setup. You might also want to change the username and password here.

      Happy to show you any time.


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