World’s largest tech firm drops Java

After initiating the slow death of Flash by banning it permanently from all  iThings, Steve Jobs has now set his sights on Java.

Apple has casually mentioned in a release note that Java is now deprecated on the Mac. And because deprecated technologies will not be allowed into the forthcoming Mac App Store, this means that Apple will simply not be tolerating apps written in Java.

While strong in the server world, Java has been in decline as a desktop/mobile technology for some time. This might just be the official death knell of the Java client.

Apple is in a uniquely powerful position at the moment, which is why it’s the world’s most valuable tech firm. And it’s not shy about taking advantage of its power to reshape the world according to its beliefs.

In Apple’s world — which, basically, is the world of the up-market end-user — client software is getting simpler fast. It’s ObjectiveC or HTML5. Take your pick.

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