The iPad came first. Now it all makes sense…

Until recently, I thought that the iPad was basically a scaled-up version of the iPhone, and that Apple was inspired to create a bigger brother by the iPhone’s success.

It turns out it was the other way around. A friend with senior contacts at Apple tells me that Steve Jobs has been obsessed with creating a revolutionary tablet computer for 10 years — pretty much ever since the demise of the Newton — and the iPad is the direct result of that. It was only halfway through its development that someone at Apple said “hey, if we made a really small version of that, it would be a great smartphone”. Interviews with Steve Jobs back up this version of events.

For some reason this makes a whole lot more sense to me. The iPad isn’t a beefed up iPhone — the iPhone is a cut-down iPad. Of course.

Which might explain why the iPad, as the fastest-selling consumer device in history, is currently outselling the iPhone by nearly 5:1 (see Patrick Myles’s post below).

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