Single Dealer Platform? Single Bank Platform?

It’s a nuisance that this thing has two names.

A Google search reveals 3.4m hits for “single dealer platform” and only 0.44m for “single bank platform”, so SDP is clearly the most popular term.

But SBP makes sense in some ways. Banks are not always dealers, and it would be nice to have a phrase that naturally covers, say, equities as well as FX and FI. Plus SDP stands for loads of common things, which is very confusing when doing searches or setting up alerts, while SBP is relatively rare (Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis sounds like something to avoid).

I’ll follow the crowd and stick with SDP. As far as I’m concerned, the two terms mean exactly the same thing.

Is HTML5 the answer for SDPs?

If you want a web trading app with great performance and functionality, what are you going to do?

Install a Silverlight plug-in? Upgrade to the latest version of Flash? Use Webstart? They all require downloads and installs with admin privileges.

Or you can just use a modern browser, which before too long everyone will have, and use HTML5. Problem solved.

Or is it?

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Banks not embracing “social” media

A single-dealer platform (SDP) is, among other things, a way for a bank to interact one-on-one with its institutional clients; indeed some of our SDP customers have asked us to include chat capabilities and other social media feeds into their SDP interfaces. With that in mind I thought I’d sit in on the Finextra live webcast from Sibos Amsterdam yesterday on Social Media and Financial Services.

Sadly it became clear that while the banks are embracing the “media” piece, they aren’t really using the “social” aspect of Social Media. Mostly they appear to be using it as yet another broadcasting channel rather than an opportunity to truly interact with their customers. Take as an example – Citi, who proudly claimed that marketing via Twitter drove up visits to their Sibos microsite – while that’s clearly a result, it’s also an opportunity to converse with their customers missed. Continue reading

Dodd Frank clarity: distinguishing the two goals

The Dodd Frank legislation has two aims: one short term and one long term.

The short-term goal is to Continue reading

Social media in SDPs – the rules.

Many banks are starting to consider including social media features in their SDPs for publishing trade ideas and chat. As well as custom mechanisms this includes Twitter feeds and LinkedIn links. In fact some banks are even looking at how to leverage the Facebook phenomenon…

If doing so, they’d be advised to read the FSA rules on New Media. Here’s a good article with some advice.

Useful posts on tablet computing in banking…

Here and here.

No question that the iPad is now being taken very seriously in the capital markets. Question is, where will it work best? Internally, to keep an eye on positions and markets? As a sales tool? As a client information channel, delivering research and market data? As a trading channel?

We’ll find out soon enough.

Does Microsoft have a future?

Interesting comments from Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s departing chief software architect.┬áThis is a topic with big implications Continue reading