Single-Dealer Platforms: In depth coverage in e-Forex magazine

The July 2010 edition of e-FOREX magazine includes an excellent article “Special FX – building a new breed of trade execution platforms” – this touches on a whole variety of areas including multi-asset trading, increasing product complexity, connectivity and STP issues, whether lower latency is relevant or even achievable, the change in the relative use of multi-dealer and single-dealer platforms and the adoption of Web technologies and rich internet applications (RIAs) in single-dealer platforms.

All in eight pages – a really good read.

If you have a print copy of e-FOREX then turn to page 112 (page 114 of the digital edition and page 59 of the full PDF edition) and you’ll find that journalist Nicholas Pratt has encouraged some of the key players in this space to express their opinions on technology trends. These include Christopher Kallmeyer, director of product development at Financial Software Systems, Carl Martin, CTO at Eurobase and Paul Caplin, founder and chief executive at Caplin Systems.

In the conclusion, Carl Martin says, “We talk about FX platforms and equities platforms and fixed income platforms as though they are all different systems but in the future, even in two years time, I think we will just be talking about trading platforms. (…) The underlying prices may still be serviced by the banks but the clients of that bank may be trading in many different asset classes and they want one point of contact at their banks. So the banks are thinking about the electronic trading platforms in a much more holistic way, combining FX with fixed income, equities, CFDs and even spread betting.”

It would be hard to think of a more compelling statement that describes the need for multi-asset single-dealer platforms.

To read the full article visit and register for free to read the print edition online, or follow one of these links:

The article in the digital online edition of e-FOREX magazine

PDF of the article (reproduced with permission)

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