Reuters to embrace the web (at last)

Here is an interesting item about Reuters moving to the web.

This is a bold move by Reuters, although would be interesting to hear more about internet delivery, browser support and how they plan to handle latency issues (already talking about co-location of client servers). Streaming market data efficiently over the web is one thing, but managing real-time trade messages over the web using browers is another.

Anyone have any thoughts on how Reuters plan to support trading over the web?

2 Responses

  1. its nothing new and is being done by other vendors and also in-house IT teams.

  2. The article is quite confusing. They are talking about Eikon as if it were a web-based product or something really new. But it is just the new name of 300Xtra.

    The only thing I know is that thay are looking for developers with Javascript / AJAX / ASP.Net experience. Which leads me to think that thay are very far away from launching anything (a true web-based product) this year.

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