Securities Industry News: Single-Dealer Portals Offer Live Prices to Debt Buyers

by Shane Kite

Web portals featuring the services of individual dealers are in vogue again, with sell-side banks such as Barclays Capital and Morgan Stanley delivering uninterrupted streams of live, constantly updating prices on fixed income products to their customers’ screens. No downloads or software installs required.

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One Response

  1. Great article, Shane, presenting a good analysis of the Fixed Income SDP landscape. Particularly interesting that TradeWeb have finally acknowledged the motivation for SDPs and are now playing catch-up with their TradeWeb PLUS offering.

    It’s worth clarifying that Caplin’s Single-Dealer Platform framework (Caplin Xaqua) supports all the major RIA technologies including Flex and Silverlight, plus Java and .NET for the desktop, not just Ajax.

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