BNP Paribas: New corporate FX Platform ‘Centric’

BNP Paribas has released their new corporate FX platform called Centric.

According to the website:

CENTRIC is a seamless multi-product application based platform, configured not only to optimise efficiency, but help corporate treasurers do business. CENTRIC is a new way to put your organisation’s cash to use – going beyond managing risk and optimising liquidity, and helping you to make your underlying business stronger.

Whether you’re looking for the latest research and market commentaries, cash management services, trade finance products or wanting to execute FX trades and payments. CENTRIC has been designed to offer you increased choice and control of all your treasury business operations from the convenience of a single platform.

The platform comes after the launch of their Cortex platform last year. Continue reading

Can research drive execution? Prove it.

Ask the head of research at any major bank, and they will tell you that their insightful research is a core competence for the bank, and a reflection of their deep understanding of the markets, and a key differentiator and source of added value to clients, and leads to greater execution flows.

But, is that true, and just how can banks metricate the value of research in terms of leading to greater execution, and making their Single-Dealer Platform stickier?

The cost of research used to be ‘bundled’ into the ‘all in’ execution rate for institutional clients, who in return for top quality research, would execute trades through that bank. That’s all changed now, and in order to make more transparent the cost of research from the cost of execution, firms have unbundled the ‘soft dollar‘ costs of research in order to remove potential for conflicts of interest in terms of how and where buy side firms execute trades and their requirement for ‘best execution’, research has now become a major cost centre for banks. Continue reading

UBS Neo-cross asset SDP

The new Single Dealer Platform from UBS called NEO now has its own microsite!

According to Hishaam Caramanli, Global Head of Securities eCommerce the platform:

“Neo is the first truly cross asset investment banking platform, and the first to put people at its centre. Making it easier than ever before for our clients to access our insight and execution capabilities across all our businesses, in the moment and in one place.

I believe simplicity and precision are essential qualities for the next generation platform, and NEO delivers that today” Continue reading

Structured Products: An ideal niche for single-dealer platforms?

At Caplin we are involved in single-dealer platforms (SDPs) touching many asset classes across the OTC and exchange traded space. The biggest single asset class we see is cash FX – many banks are rolling out offerings in this area right now. But we are also seeing increasing interest from institutions who want to provide niche Structured Products offerings, and I think this is a real sweet spot for delivering innovative SDPs.

By way of background, there’s a feature in Structured Products magazine, which sadly requires a full subscription to read it (trial subscriptions don’t work): Structured Products and Single-Dealer Platforms – Why?
Continue reading

JPMorgan consolidates platforms into new single offering

In keeping with the drive to consolidate platforms, JP Morgan this week soft launched their new JPMorgan Markets platform.

The platform, will by the end of the year provide seamless integration to over 30 multiple back-end systems spanning FX, rates and commodities, taking users from pre-trade analytics, through trade execution (both from JP, and external venues), to post trade processing and clearing.

According to Peter Cherasia, Global head of Market Strategies: Continue reading

The ‘Hybrid-model’ for Single-Dealer Platforms

Here at Caplin we are seeing an increasing number of regional (tier 2 and 3) banks embarking on new SDP projects.

Unlike the top-tier banks, the regional banks typically don’t have the in-house development skills, resources or budgets, and more importantly they have no desire to build a complete Single-Dealer Platform from scratch. What they are looking for is a hybrid-model, which interestingly, over on Tabb Forum SmartTrade talk about a very similar ‘hybrid model’.

This hybrid model works well for banks looking to deliver an SDP project based on: Continue reading

SDP talent on the move – Saxo => Nordea

Nice coverage yesterday in EuroMoney FXNews of Nordea hires Saxo ‘star’ to redevelop FX platform  as Henrik Holst moves from Saxo to Nordea.

The move is part of the trend we highlighted a couple of years back, which has seen a migration of “e” talent from top-tier to regional banks, resulting in those top FX banks losing market share to regional banks who have upped their game and enhanced their own platforms. Continue reading


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