iPad 3 – A tablet a day keeps the technologist at bay!

Apple have announced that they will unveil the new iPad 3 on March 7th in San Francisco under the theme “We have something you really have to see. And Touch”. Reports The Loop

With Apple’s stock market value toppling the $500 billion mark, apparently being worth more than Poland (CNN) and its stock once at $3.19 now at $500 for the first time (BBC News) it would seem the world will once again be all eyes and ears as Apple gears up to launch their newest version of the world’s most successful tablet.

What will this mean for financial services? Continue reading

BATS Exchange may enter FX and UST

BATS the US exchange operator, that is preparing for IPO, stated in their amended SEC filings (page 6), that they were  considering an expansion into new instruments such as US treasury securities and other fixed income products, FX and US derivatives. Continue reading

And another single dealer platform launch: Commerzbank’s Commander

Bank’s just keep rolling em out!

Today’s Single Dealer Platform launch comes courtesy of Commerzbank (on FinExtra), with their Commander platform.

Built on the foundations of the existing Click&Trade FX platform.

Continue reading

HSBC platform, GetRate or perhaps Evolve?

In yesterday’s post about HSBC’s yet to be released new Single dealer platform, I  mentioned that it might be called  ‘GetRate’, which was a name I found buried deep in the guts of their annual accounts.

I had my suspicions, as ‘GetRate’ sounds like a workflow product name, not the ‘shiny’ name for a brand new multi-year, multi million pound client facing single dealer platform, although neither did the current platform HSBCNet for that matter!

Following a comment from a friend, I now understand that GetRate is Continue reading

Readership of singledealerplatforms.org blog at all time high – thank you!

This blog focuses on providing unique comment, views, insight and thought leadership into the rapidly evolving single dealer platform space.

We look at how, emerging technologies, changing regulatory regimes, global and regional central bank FX surveys, business and economic trends, and of course UX design all impact SDPs and their ability to continue to deliver value to clients. Although, we don’t disclose details of client projects ‘in flight’, we do provide many examples of real-world problems we help our clients solve.

It’s clearly working, as our readership has been steadily rising over the past two years, and is now at a new all time high! Continue reading

Saxo mobile trading whilst base jumping (gimic, but very stylish video)

Last week, Saxo announced they had completed a spot FX trade using their new mobile trading app, whilst bungee jumping.

There was much joking about the ‘rate bouncing’ after the trade etc. Their website shows more daredevil ways to trade, including Base Jump Trading, ‘The first FX trade at terminal velocity‘. Great video here and of course Saxo are fully embracing HTML.

HSBC, new single dealer platform – ‘GetRate’?

HSBC has spent the past two years upgrading their internal pricing and etrading capabilities, and building a new client facing single dealer platform (the current platform is called HSBCNet).

The new platform, has been built using Adobe’s Flex for a front-end, thus requiring users to install a plug-in. Together with a generic streaming server technology, which will have been heavily augmented by HSBC in order to understand and be optimised for financial market trading.

The platform, which is yet to be released externally, might be called  Continue reading

Bloomberg gets UX makeover with Bloomberg NEXT

Mike Bloomberg established Bloomberg LP in 1981, and has spent the past 30yrs adding value to the Bloomberg Professional, which has become the traders ‘terminal of choice’.

However, it’s now undergoing a major UX makeover. Continue reading

Convergence @ the International Traders Expo in NYC

Dropped into the International Traders Expo in NYC yesterday – ostensibly an event for brokers to promote their technology to America’s massed ranks of affluent, self-directed investors/speculators/day traders.

Previously, online brokers apparently had a single goal in mind when designing their platforms: copy the UX (user experience) of professional trading workstations.

But what happens when apps aimed primarily at individual investors overtake their institutional counterparts? In an industry whose marketing relies heavily Continue reading

JP Morgan to sell holding in MarketAxess

MarketAxess has just announced a Secondary Public Offering of Common Stock.

The placing entity is JP Morgan (JPMP Capital Corp), who are the only bank shareholder, as well as being the largest single shareholder in the platform with 14% holding (see here for shareholders).

Banks seem to be selling their holding in platforms, first FXall, now MarketAxess. Although, I think ten major banks still own a minority of Tradeweb, together with management, with Reuters having a majority ownership.


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